Chelseas vs Leicester Preview

Phew! The Premier League is BACK! We can now put a dismal week of World Cup qualifying matches behind us and look to the prospect of some tasty contests this weekend!

Chelsea and Leicester get us underway at lunchtime (15th Oct) and I see it as a good chance to really measure how both sides are adjusting to the new season.

Leicester are coping reasonably well I think so far this season. Considering the journey that club has been on in the last 15 years, it was, in some bizarre way, not in the slightest bit surprising they rocked up and took their place in the history books last season. Had they finished 9th everyone would have gone off for the summer break saying "decent season lads, let's see what we can do next year". But now they must balance the weight of expectation with the reality that Premier League survival is probably still a good season for them.

If last season for the Foxes was the stuff of fairy tales then for Chelsea it was nothing short of a nightmare, so today's match at the Bridge will certainly help both sides gauge where both teams are at as we begin the long rundown to Christmas!

Spurs Dire without Dier

Spurs Dire without Dier